Spencer Taylor Jr

Lead Vocalist/Tenor

Born March 6, 1928 in Mississippi.  Mr. Taylor started singing with the Holy Wonders in the 1940’s.  He went into the military where he served 2 years.  He left the military and headed to the Post Office to work as a clerk.  He had a passion for singing so he did that in his spare time.  In 1945 The QC's approached Mr. Taylor and requested he bring his soulful and spirit filled sound to the QC's and become a part of their group, He didn't hesistate. He along with members of the Holy Wonders joined forces with the Highway QC’s to create a dynamic group.  According to Mr. Taylor the decision to join the QC's was an easy one as the Holy Wonders sang sparingling on the weekends in a few nearby cities Michigan City (Ind) and Gary (Ind). The Qc's had already obtained a national recording contract and afforded him with many more opportunities. He was amongst the late Sam Cooke as they took to the road to take Gospel music to the world.  He became the leader of the group in 1956. With Taylor leading "Somewhere to lay my head" the group's popularity skyrocketed. He moved to Washington DC in 1964 to be close to the other members of the group at the time.  It's said Mr. Taylor grew their families while he was still driving back to Chicago.  Mr. Taylor’s love for God and Gospel music has had a major impact on everyone his voice has touched.   Even though he had opportunities to cross over to the Secular world Mr. Taylor's love for the Lord wouldn't allow him to betray his first love. He is quoted as saying "I watched as Sam, Lou and Johnny gained fame in secular music, but boing a born-again Christian I just couldn't switch. With that type of fame you can profit the world and lose your soul." He is one of few remaining legacies still singing today with roots grown from the golden era of the quartet-style sound.  With Mr. Taylor at the helm the QC's have remained a vital sound on the quartet circuit for over 76 years. Mr. Taylor is very active in leading the QC’s and ministering in song every chance he gets.  He loves to travel all over the world giving young people a chance to experience what true quartet music derives from, and sharing his knowledge and experiences. Mr. Taylor says Gospel music comes from the heart so you truly have to love what you do. He is the father of 6 children, 5 boys and 1 girl. The legacy of the Highway QCs is continued with the addition of Taylor’s sons, Spencer Taylor III and Lynn “Fuzzy” Taylor joining their father in the group. Mr. Taylor says “He is grateful that God has allowed him to sing along side his sons; and it feels good that they saw enough in him to want to follow in his footsteps." With no signs of slowing down, the Taylors have secured their mark on the future with the launch of an independent label and preparations for a new disc from the Highway QCs in the fall of 2014.

Some of the record labels he has been blessed to work with over the years: CGI Records, Malaco Records, Meltone Records, Peacock Records, Savoy Records, Staxx Records,VeeJay Records, Wajji Records, and Taylor Brothers Music